Foodie Travels – London and Paris – Harrods Lunch Buffet

One of the many foodie highlights of the Knights and Lights Adventures by Disney trip is lunch at Harrods. I already told you about the very impressive Food Halls at Harrods but lunch with ABD is a whole different and particularly indulgent experience.

We were treated to a delicious and expansive buffet lunch in The Georgian Restaurant located on the fourth floor.

A wonderful selection of breads greeted us at our table.  My favorite is the olive bread sticks.  Soft and doughy inside, flaky and crusty outside they hold a salty, savory surprise in every bite.

As you approach the buffet you are met with a masterpiece of gastronomic spatial planning. Appetizers included meats, cheeses, salads, fish, olives and assorted hors d’oeuvres.

Then it’s on to a carving station where a skilled if not over eager chef offers up a selection of freshly carved beef, lamb or turkey.  Add a Yorkshire pudding and select from a variety of sauces.

Side dish selections include potatoes, carrots and green beans.

Finally it’s dessert, all of which look like individually wrapped packages of sweet surprises.


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