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We all develop that love for a familiar spot that we like to call our own, that place that we know every time we go we will not be let down.  In this case I’m talking about my favorite sushi restaurant.

Being born and raised in New York, we have a tendency to be spoiled with some of the best food around.  I grew up in a very routine family.  I love my family to death, but let’s just say they were not the type to go out and try new things!  When I was old enough to venture out on my own and give these taste buds something new I was introduced to sushi by friends I will forever be grateful to.   I fell in love right away and had to map out Long Island and New York City for the best sushi places around.

 In 2004 I made the move down to Florida.   Here I noticed that it would take me a while to find the real gems to indulge in my favorite foods.    I tried many places and almost gave up, the sushi wasn’t fresh, or was just something not right about it.  Then 4 years ago I found Siam Orchid, I was working as a hotel manager in Melbourne, FL and right down the road from my hotel was their first location.  I ended up going one day after work for dinner.  The restaurant was immaculate andthe staff was unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable with the menu.  Most importantly, when my food arrived, it was fresh, and with the first bite my taste buds were back in New York!!  I began to frequent them quite often, ordering for lunch and getting take out for dinner, etc. 

I noticed they had a second location in Cocoa Beach, FL which was great for me because it was closer to my house.  When I visited their second location, it did not disappoint as well.  It also seems that everyone I take there has nothing but great things to say about it.   Last week I went with my Husband and two really close friends of ours.

Walking in you feel a nice relaxing and calm atmosphere, we were greeted within seconds by smiling faces.  At this point my husband and I are recognized as soon as we walk in the door.

We were greeted by our favorite server Jamie.   She immediately escorted the four of us to her section. 

One thing that really impresses me is when servers remember what we like.  She knows that we like to try a different Saki every time we come in.  This time she suggested to try an unfiltered Saki, basically a creamy one.  We have never tried it before, so we went with her recommendation. When we got the Saki the flavor was incredible, I would compare the texture to a coconut water, very smooth and almost refreshing taste.  Very good recommendation!

I will warn you that they do have a very extensive menu, ranging from Thai, Japanese, sushi and deserts. So it may take a little time for you to make up your mind!

Starting out we always get their house salad.  The salad is pretty basic, but it’s the homemade ginger dressing on top that makes this salad out of this world!  The smell of the fresh ginger and citrus just makes you want to drink the dressing on its own!  I have tried to ask for the recipe, but it is a locked down secret that they will not share.  I honestly do not blame them!

The next course included all of our treasures, the Hosomaki combo is a boat that we usually order, and it features three different types of rolls:

California Roll: filled with Krab (Krab with a K is imitation Crab), fresh avocado and cucumber, this roll is usually a starter roll to anyone who first tries sushi, but still a classic.

J.B. Roll: Fresh Salmon and cream cheese, this is by far one of my favorite rolls, the combination of cream cheese and salmon almost reminds you of Lox and cream cheese on a bagel in New York!

Tuna Roll:  this is a pretty basic rolls, it features fresh tuna wrapped in rice and seaweed.

 We decided on trying another new roll this time because the way that Jamie described it made it just sound too amazing not to order.  The La Quinta roll is wrapped in a Soy paper and includes their spicy Krab, alone that has such a distinct flavor of spices that makes your mouth water, it also includes cream cheese, avocado and crunchy tempura flakes. The first bite I took I could not believe what I was tasting.  The crunch, the creaminess and the spices all together made for a great combination.  This will be on the top of our order list from now on.  

As you can see by all the pictures, we had a quite a bit of plates on the table.  Not one of them bad!  I could keep going and going about how amazing everything is, but then I’m going off point of why I really love this place.

Of course the food is always a huge part to enjoying a restaurant as well as the friendly service.

Earlier on in the article, I mentioned the importance of eating at a place that makes you feel comfortable and never lets you down.   When looking at the high quality and fresh ingredients  served here, you would think Siam Orchid would be heavily priced.  It’s not that situation at all!

Keep in mind there was four of us and altogether we had 2 Hosomaki combos and 6 extra rolls.  Not to mention the Saki.    Would you believe me if I told you the bill was still under $100?

So who wouldn’t like a place with a relaxing atmosphere, great service, fresh and delicious food that’s affordable and not a chain restaurant?    I know I do! 

If you are ever in the cocoa beach area, please do yourself a favor and check out Siam Orchid.  You will not be disappointed.

Rob Marks

About Rob Marks

Rob Marks was born in West Islip, New York and grew up in a traditional Italian family with his Mother, Father, Brother and his Grandparents living right down the street. Rob’s interests include cooking, travel, the beach, spending time with family and friends, and going out to dinner. In 2004 Rob made the move with his family to Florida and is now residing in Cocoa, FL with his partner of 4 years and their 2 rescue dogs Maddy and Chyna. Rob’s Career spans over 14 years in the hospitality industry from Marketing manager, Restaurant management to Hotel management. Rob is currently working for Dreams Unlimited Travel as manager of their Welcome Center.

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